Engineering Services

Seeing Beyond the Surface

Engineering Services

At NDT Group, we tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs, ensuring timely delivery and accurate results. We employ meticulous inspection planning, equipment selection, data analysis, and procedure development to offer you with the best solution to your specific requirements.

Selecting engineering services and solutions involves a systematic process to ensure that the chosen approach aligns with the project’s goals and requirements.

Our selection process is transparent, well-documented, and involve collaboration among stakeholders, including engineers, project managers, clients, and regulatory authorities. It  also considers the evolving nature of engineering technologies and practices to ensure that the chosen solution remains relevant and effective throughout the project’s lifecycle.


Anomaly Evaluation and Fitness-for-Service in Pipelines

Involves assessing the integrity of pipelines and determining their fitness for continued operation.

Bridge Inspections and Deformation Analysis

We offer comprehensive inspections and analyses to identify any issues that may impact the integrity of the bridge.

Crane Inspections and Engineering Certifications

We provide the highest level of inspection and certification for mobile, shop, and aerial cranes in the construction and general industry.

Dimensional Inspection and QC Evaluations

Involves accurately measuring and verifying the dimensions of intricate parts to ensure their compliance with design specifications and manufacturing requirements.

Ferrite Testing

Ferrite Testing evaluates the ferrite content within stainless steel and other alloys to guarantee adequate strength, resistance to corrosion, and prevention of cracks.

Fitness for Service for Industrial Components

Involves assessing the current condition of a component, equipment, or structure and determining its remaining life expectancy for its intended use.

Hardness Testing

Discover the strength and durability of your materials with NDT Group's Hardness Testing service. Accurately assess resistance to indentation, crucial for ensuring material reliability and suitability for various applications.

In Line Inspection Support and Review

Assessment of pipeline's condition without disrupting their operations, to identify any defects that may require maintenance or repairs.

Laboratory Services

Wide range of laboratory services across various areas, including chemical analysis, materials analysis, environmental analysis, and product testing

Laser Scanning for Pipeline Mapping

Involves using a laser scanner to capture precise data of the pipeline site before and after repairs, or after recoating is completed.

Load Testing and Analysis

Involves the testing and analysis of mechanical components under external loads to determine if the components are suffering any damage.

Metallurgical Replication

Metallurgical replication, faithfully duplicates metal surfaces, offering insights into material integrity without compromising original structures.

Pipeline Integrity Corrosion Growth Analysis

Involves using advanced techniques to monitor and assess the growth of corrosion over time and develop solutions to mitigate its impact on pipeline integrity.

Pipeline Integrity Engineering Programs 

We help clients establish effective pipeline integrity programs to ensure safe and reliable operations by offering customized qualitative and semi-quantitative pipeline risk assessments.

Reverse Engineering

Involves the deconstruction and analysis of an existing product or component to understand its design, function, and operation.

Root Cause Investigations

Critical engineering service that helps to identify the underlying reasons for a failure or incident in a system or component.

Scanning Services on Industrial Installations

Involves using advanced scanning technologies to capture detailed data of industrial installations accurately and efficiently

Tank Inspection and Engineering

Comprehensive tank inspection and engineering services for a wide range of tank types, ensuring accurate results and necessary repairs are taken care of.

Wear Analysis and Wear Rejection Criteria

We assist our clients in designing a wear analysis workflow to quickly inspect parts and components under extreme wearing conditions.